The best watersports training facility in the Sacramento area!

Sacramento, CA premier watersports destination is open. Featuring ideal growing conditions, “The Farm” is a private facility where you can have fun cultivating skills in a wide variety of watersports. WakeBoarding, WakeSurfing, WaterSkiing and anything else behind a boat can be done on our private lake!  Employing professional wakeboard and waterski instructors, “The Farm,” is the perfect place to enhance your talents or sprout some new ones.

The Farm is located at Deep Water Lake just 25 minutes from Roseville, Sacramento, Yuba City, and Lincoln. “It’s a gosh darn anomaly, it’s 25 minutes from everywhere!” Unique compared to other private lakes, Deep Water is 14’ deep allowing boat wakes to blossom to their full potential. This also eliminates the potential for planting yourself in the terra firma at the bottom of the lake.